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The Ultimate Wedding Timeline: When to Book Vendors and Find Your Dream Dress

Congratulations beautiful bride to be! As you embark on this special journey towards your big day, let us help guide you into the world of wedding planning. By breaking down each step of the planning process, we can hopefully eliminate some of the stress, allowing you to enjoy more of each moment. 

This timeline will guide you through when to book vendors and, most importantly, when to embark on the quest for your dream wedding dress. One of the most crucial aspects of this journey is finding the perfect wedding dress, of course! At Marcella’s Bridal, we want to be a part of your entire bridal journey from start to finish. 

Now, let’s dive into our Ultimate Wedding Timeline. Remember this is all about YOUR special day. Don’t forget to enjoy the process!

12-18 Months Before: Begin Your Venue Search

The foundation of your wedding lies in the venue. There are many fabulous wedding venues located in Spokane, Washington and beyond. Start by researching and visiting potential locations for your ceremony and reception. Once your venue is secured, you'll have a better understanding of the overall theme and style of your wedding, which will influence your dress choice.

10- 18 Months Before: Choose Your closest friends & family and Start Dress Shopping

With your closest friends and family by your side, begin the hunt for your dream dress. We recommend starting the process as soon as you are ready to purchase your dream dress! Special ordered gowns typically take 6-9 months to arrive (& then alterations typically take 8-10 weeks). However, we do have a large selection of dresses that can be purchased off the rack for those who have a shorter deadline. We can take care of a bride who is getting married tomorrow, three months from now, or in two years.

9-18 Months Before: Book Other Essential Vendors

After saying 'yes' to the dress, it's time to secure other essential vendors, including your photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, hair, and makeup artist. These professionals often have busy schedules, so booking them well in advance ensures you get your top choices.

8-10 Months Before: Finalize Your Guest List

As your wedding vision takes shape, finalize your guest list. This step is crucial for determining the size and style of your celebration.

7-9 Months Before: Complete Your Bridal Look

With the dress in hand, focus on completing your bridal look by selecting accessories, shoes, and undergarments. This time frame allows you to coordinate your entire ensemble seamlessly.

6-8 Months Before: Send Save-the-Dates

Once your wedding details are falling into place, send out save-the-dates to give your guests ample time to make arrangements. This step is particularly crucial for destination weddings.

2-4 Months Before: Arrange Final Fittings

As the big day approaches, attend the final dress fittings to ensure everything is perfect. Any necessary alterations should be completed during this time.

1-2 Months Before: Confirm Details with Vendors

With your wedding day on the horizon, confirm details with all your vendors. This step helps iron out any last-minute concerns, giving you peace of mind.

The Big Day: Enjoy Every Moment

Finally, the day you've been eagerly anticipating has arrived. Enjoy the love that surrounds you, and revel in the magic of your wedding day. We are so happy for our Marcella brides!


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