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Custom Wedding Dresses

Marcella's Bridal came to be after Marcella had been designing custom gowns from her home for ten years. Twenty years later this is still our specialty! Sit down with Marcella to make your vision come to life while you discuss styles, ideas, fabrics, and colors. Our custom gowns start at $5,000 and allow you the possibility to create the dress of your dreams! 

If you imagine it, we can create it. 


Redesign Your Family Heirloom Gown

Dreaming of wearing your mother or grandmother's wedding gown but just not sure on how to make it yours? We can help! Here at Marcella's we specialize in redesigning vintage gowns that are sentimental to you. Schedule an appointment with us to bring in your family heirloom to see how we can personalize it to your style.


We provide standard alterations as well as custom alterations to any exisiting wedding gowns. We do not offer outside alterations simply because we are so busy with our own brides. During your appointment, a seamstress is more than happy to tell you exactly what you’ll need and how much it will cost. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for our Marcella's team can make your vision come to life

In House Alterations

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