Top Color Palettes of 2021

Top Color Palettes of 2021

March 05, 2021

One decision we see brides frequently struggling with is their wedding color palette. After your venue and your dress, your color palette is an important mood setter for your wedding, as it’s used subtly throughout everything from bridesmaid dresses to flowers. Depending on the time of year, you may want something bright and warm or soft and deep to reflect the season. We know choosing is hard, so we’ve gathered some inspiration from former Marcella’s brides to give you a few ideas. 


Warm Sunsets

A new trend is brides choosing multicolored palettes for their wedding—we especially love this gorgeous, sunset-inspired look one of our brides chose. Perfect for summer weddings, the stunning range of bright oranges and deep reds gave this wedding a warm, welcoming feel we can not get enough of. 


Pretty in Pink

For hopeless romantics, we love the way pale pink compliments a wedding. Great for spring, this soft shade looks incredible on everyone, and casts a romantic glow over the entire affair. If you’re planning on a lot of lace and florals, this color palette compliments perfectly. 


Dusty Neutrals

Love the multicolored look but want something a bit more subdued? This bride opted for soft, dusty roses, tans, and deep greens for her wedding. Neutral and fun, this color palette gives the wedding a pop of color while still keeping all the focus on the bride.  


Bold Reds

Red can be done a lot of ways, but we especially love the way this winter bride used it for her wedding. Bold and deep, it perfectly complements the white of the bride’s dress for a bold pop of color that emphasizes the bride. While bold, the choice to keep everything simple with only one bold color makes this deep red sophisticated and chic. 

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