The Story of Kennadie & Trea

July 13, 2022

 As you know, we’re super passionate about helping our gorgeous brides find their dream wedding dress here at Marcella's Bridal! One of our favorite things is to share sweet love stories and photos of our client’s weddings. Today, we want to share some gorgeous photos from Kennadie Thomas & Trea Thomas’ wedding. Read on for more about their love story:



Kennadie and Trea were married on April 2, 2022, at the gorgeous Beacon Hill in Spokane, WA. 



So, how did Trea propose to Kennadie? 


He had planned a date after work one night and took Kennadie to Manito Park in the Japanese Flower Garden. Trea had never been to Manito, so she didn’t find anything out of the ordinary about it. His proposal was casual yet incredibly sweet! 



Now, let’s talk about the dress!


Marcells designed her gorgeous wedding gown. She’s known Marcella for quite some time now, and fun fact - Marcella has known her grandfather even longer! Her grandpa taught Marcella in high school and coached her husband, Craig, in football. It’s no surprise that Kennadie’s grandpa made a lasting impact on their lives! 







In 2015, Marcella and Craig actually hired Kennadie for the summer as a master steamer, where she got to steam beautiful wedding dresses every day. This helped her get an idea of what style gown she might want for the future! Kennadie always knew that she wanted Marcella to design her wedding dress because, simply put, she’s the best! 

Kennadie envisioned a simple yet elegant gown that also had a touch of drama and a tasteful side to it. She had a vision in mind, and she knew that Marcella could bring that vision to life! 





Their wedding day was very simple, in the best way possible! They didn’t have to do a lot of work to decorate the venue, as it was already so beautiful on its own. Covered in brick walls, authentic wood floors, beams that held long white drapes, and artwork on the walls really set the tone for the wedding. It was elegant and intimate! 



Kennadie’s favorite moment from their wedding day was walking down the aisle to her future husband and son. They decided to do a traditional first look walking down the aisle, and she wanted it to be as authentic as possible. Her 10-month-old son was waiting for her at the end of the aisle and he got really excited when he saw her. Kennadie said she’ll never forget that sweet moment! 





Kennadie had a few tips to share with other brides that we think is fantastic advice! Her number one tip for brides is to pick specific things to splurge on and don’t worry as much about the rest. Splurge on a great photographer, videographer, picture booth, extra alcohol, etc. People don’t remember the other little details the same way you would, so don’t feel like you need to stress about those things! It’s all about capturing those special moments. 

Kennadie’s favorite part about finding her wedding dress with us was being able to design her dress exactly how she wanted it to be. She had a vision of what she originally wanted, and after trying on a few different styles, her mind completely changed. Having that kind of flexibility is super nice when finding the perfect wedding dress. 













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