Sidney + Clay

February 02, 2023

Our Story: 


While Clay and I knew of each other from high school sports - I went to Davenport High School and Clay went to Liberty High School, we didn't really get to know each other until St John Boat Races in June of 2017. While we talked throughout the summer, we didn't actually hang out again until we both returned to Washington State University and Clay asked me to be his date to the AGR Fight Night Date Dash that following August. On the date, I "iced" him twice and even accidentally poked him in the eye causing him to lose a contact but for some reason he still had a good enough time for us to start dating shortly after that - and now here we are going on 5+ years later!


How did your partner propose?


Clay dropped the ring off at my grandma Lynn's house where he surprised her with the news of him planning to propose on Christmas Eve. She took the ring box and the note inside asking me to marry him in a shoe box and wrapped it up as a present from her. On Christmas Eve when we arrived my grandma was pretty insistent we open just one present tonight and the rest could wait until Christmas. Since it was a present from her I didn't think anything of it - even when I opened up the ring box - but once I opened the note saying 'will you marry me?' I started crying and Clay got down on one knee with the ring in his hand.


Tell us about your wedding day – the vibe, what inspired you, etc.


The wedding vibe itself was what I would describe as classy elegance with a touch of country as the wedding was held at the Fox & Goat Ranch in Reardan, WA.


What was your favorite moment from the day itself?


My favorite memory of the day itself would probably be right before walking down the aisle. Once the song started playing that my dad and I were going to walk down the aisle, I felt like all of the emotions of the day really hit me despite already having a first look and taking care of family pictures, the reality of starting our forever hit me. The ceremony as well, while we decided to go with traditional vows, were still so special for both myself and Clay.


Is there any advice you would be happy to share with other brides?


I feel as though this is a common one but still rings true - try and appreciate every little moment as the day will be over before you know it. I would also highly recommend a videographer because it allows you to really relive all of those special moments. We loved working with Andrew and Drue from Summit Studios but unfortunately we were one of their last wedding focused videos. My other advice would be to not sweat the little details. Nobody will remember them so just focus on having a great time.


What was your favorite part about finding your wedding dress with us?


My favorite part of finding my dress was that 'this is it' feeling. I wasn't sure if I would experience it or not but it was the last dress of the appointment and it was the only dress where I walked out and everybody was silent because I think we all knew in that moment it was different from the rest. While the back was a little higher than what I was looking for Marcella herself came over and checked it out and made me feel confident in having my vision come to life.








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