Morgan’s Bridal Story

Morgan’s Bridal Story

January 07, 2021

At Marcella’s Bridal, our favorite part of working in the bridal industry is watching our brides find “the one!” Recently, a bride very near and dear to our hearts walked down the aisle in the wedding dress of her dreams, and shared her experience from her first appointment to her big day. Read on for Morgan’s wedding dress story below!


I am that girl. I’m the one who started planning my wedding when I was 5 years old. The one who would envision every little detail, from my colors, my venue, my hair color/style, but most importantly my dress. . .

When I was 18 years old I got my first job in the bridal industry, working for a bridal shop here in Spokane. A year and a half after being there I had a family friend tell me that I had to go apply at Marcella’s Bridal. I immediately went down to interview in March 2012, and the rest is history, just kidding, but it was the start of something great. The relationship I grew with Marcella, Craig and Kassi over the 3ish years I worked there is something that I truly cherish.

In that time I saw dress after dress after dress, which I absolutely loved. It was the best job. Working in the bridal world for 5 years you become picky with what you want because you see all the options in fabrics, details, silhouettes, etc. In the end it most likely made it harder to decide on the one but in reality I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, and wasn't going to settle on just anything. In the years after leaving Marcella’s bridal for a different career path I still worked the bridal booths for them at the local bridal fairs. They always put this one specific dress in the booth and I swear it spoke to me time after time. I told myself that one day that dress was going to be mine.

Fast forward to 2019. Ive been dating my husband for 3 years at the time, and he proposes in June 2019. It truly was such an amazing day and I was in heaven. It was time to plan this wedding. Let’s be real though, it was planned, more like time to find a dress to wear to our wedding. I literally couldn’t wait to go dress shopping. I knew for a fact that my dress had to come from Marcella’s Bridal, there was no option in my mind. I tried on a couple other places but in the end I wanted my dress to come from the store where I had grown as a woman, met so many amazing brides, formed forever relationships, and from a place that I already had so much trust in.

August 17, 2019 is the day where my dreams came to fruition. I called Marcella’s on a whim, and they had an opening at 1pm. My mom and I drove down to the store and I was ready to find my dress. I walked in and was prepared to try on every dress because in my mind I felt that’s what I needed to do. Stop there. That is not what happened. Marcella looked at me like I was crazy. She said “Morgan, why do you feel the need to try on more dresses when I know what you want?” I wasn’t in shock, that is a valid Marcella question. She was right, she knew what I wanted, I just had to see her work her magic and see it come together.



I did not try on any dresses that day. I tried on parts of dresses. Remember that dress I mentioned earlier from the bridal fair? I loved the top of it but not the skirt. So there was our answer. I wanted the top from that dress and a skirt from a dress on a mannequin in the store, so we did just that. She took the dresses to the back, opened them up, took the removed skirt from the mannequin dress and pinned it on to the top of the beaded bodice, then we slipped it on me as best as possible. When I looked in the mirror I knew it was the one. It was in pieces, seams were wide open, the back was not zipped, and the skirt hanging on with sewing pins, but with knowing how Marcella works with her craft I was not concerned at all.

It’s now October 3, 2020. Our wedding day. I put that dress on and it was a masterpiece. It was everything I could have dreamed of and more. The mermaid fit, the sparkling beading, the strapless sweetheart, fully textured organza skirt with the horsehair hem, and the the low back with crystal buttons down the zipper. The details were out of this world. I wanted to look like a chandelier that day, and I did just that.


I’m forever grateful and thankful for all my experiences with the Marcella’s Bridal family over time but my dress experience is by far my favorite. That dress was a team effort and they went above and beyond for me. It was a dream come true.




Congratulations Morgan and Bryan! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding dress journey and all the beautiful photos with us. We are so excited for you to begin this exciting new chapter in your life. Keep shining girl!

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