Love is NOT Canceled: Quarantine Wedding Tips

Love is NOT Canceled: Quarantine Wedding Tips

August 27, 2020

So you were planning the wedding of your DREAMS, and then the pandemic hit and now you feel like your scrambling to replan and possibly sacrificing your wedding day vision? Not to worry, we are here with our top tips for pandemic wedding planning!



Tip #1: It is still YOUR day

Your first thought might be, 'how am I going to make our wedding day feel just as special under so many new circumstances'? The important thing is to remember this day is still all about you! There is no right or wrong decision that can be made when you are making them as a couple to ensure your day is still everything you want. Stay true to who you are as a couple with the things you can control: your music, cocktails, decor, etc.


Tip #2: Let your guests know ASAP

When plans change, let your people know! All of your guests love you and want to celebrate this new chapter of your life so don't forget to let them when things change so they can plan accordingly. When sending out your save the dates or invites, remind your guests that things could change at the drop of a hat and they should be checking your wedding website for new updates as it gets closer to the big day! 


Tip #3: Update your vendors

There is a lot that goes into coordination on the day of the wedding so if you've decided to commit to your now pandemic wedding date, so have all of your vendors. Changing locations to keep your wedding date can change the entire plan for your florist, DJ/Band, caterer, etc. so it is imperative to keep them in the loop with any changes that might occur while planning.


Tip #4: Virtual Visitors and Sanitized Solutions

For the ones that feel more comfortable celebrating from afar, provide a virtual option! A Zoom link can be added to your Save the Dates, Invitations and/or wedding website so it is easy to access to your guests. For the loved ones that will be present on the wedding day, you want to ensure they feel comfortable so it's a good time to get creative! Have a bigger dance floor, fewer chairs at more tables, fewer chairs for each row at the ceremony, hand sanitizing stations at entrances and exits - there are so many options and ideas to make sure all guests  feel safe and comfortable.


Tip #5: Give Yourself a Break

If you've decided to keep your wedding date and plan a covid-19 wedding, give yourself a break! There is no right or wrong way to pivot and make adjustments for your big day so drop your expectations and remember that your wedding day is all about YOU.


If you are still looking for your dream wedding dress, book an appointment with us today! We can't wait to meet you and hear all about your wedding day vision.