Cancer Can’t - How our Marcella's Bridal family can help families in need!

October 04, 2022


 Today we’re sharing information about one of our favorite non-profits, Cancer Can’t, and how our Marcella's Bridal Family can help families from this incredible organization!


About Cancer Can’t


In 2002, a cancer patient founded the non-profit organization Cancer Can't. By improving their daily lives and circumstances, their mission is to help cancer patients in the Inland Northwest. Their founder is Jonathan Van Keulen, who was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma in 2014. His wife, Becky, and he decided to fight back with everything they had. Doing good for others gave them so much pleasure during their battle. Spokane has no non-profit that focuses exclusively on adult oncology, so they started one. They started Cancer Can't from a hospital room. Sadly, Jonathan passed away, but Becky keeps working with Cancer Can't to make sure Jonathan's vision of helping other patients comes true.

The Organization’s Goals for 2022

Cancer Can’t has had so many big goals for 2022, and we’ll share some of those below! 


  1. Transportation

As a result of their commitment to growing their transportation program in 2021, the organization made tremendous progress. As a result of a new partnership with SNAP, they were able to increase their volunteer base to about 100 drivers and average about 200 rides for patients per month. SNAP's new partnership enabled them to offer rides into Idaho as well as expand their service to Post Falls, Hayden, and Coeur d'Alene. The STA awarded them a grant toward the end of 2021 that helped them grow. As they grow their staff and volunteer base, they hope to be able to fill even more rides in 2022. 


  1. The Grant Program

During 2021, the foundation gave out more than $40,000 to patients with emergent needs, including rent, power, child care, car payments, phone bills, and even clothing. By partnering with local businesses, they were able to donate services such as tire mounting and carpet installation that allowed them to use funds for other patients. A $40,000 budget will be maintained in 2022 with an additional $10,000 dedicated to Lincoln County residents.


  1. Cancer Can't Take Christmas

Their donors are some of the most generous in the world, allowing them to grow far beyond their expectations. Twenty-one cancer families living in the Inland Northwest received over $50,000 in gifts from their donors in 2021.  As of now, this program extends from Wenatchee/Moses Lake to Omak/Tonasket and then over Spokane to Idaho. This program has made a huge difference in the lives of the families of cancer patients with children in the mix. During the Christmas season, they hope to support at least 20 families in the Inland Northwest based on the growth they have seen over the last three years.  


Families You Can Help Right Now


Right now, there are families in need of your assistance. Here’s all the information you need! 



The Hops Family



Here’s a message from the Hops family: 


 “We are the Hops, my husband Mike used to be our Superman, working 6 days a week 10 months out of the year. On his summers off we would do some remodeling on our old farmhouse & then take a family vacation and show our five kids the country. At the age of 33 Mike was diagnosed with stage 3c colorectal cancer. He had a 3mmx7mm tumor in his rectum that has started to go up into his sacrum bone. We saw several doctors & decided starting chemotherapy infusions was the best course of action. Three months later we almost lost him to sepsis, after weeks in the hospital and an ostomy bag placed with drain tubes in his back he was on the mend and able to continue chemo infusions. It's been a long, hard road. He did six weeks of chemo/radiation in Coeur D' Alene, ID while I stayed back and worked double time to support our family & cared for our kids. After all this & multiple scans he has been told that there are very few surgeons able to do the resection. Currently it hasn't responded as well as we thought to treatment.  In the meantime, we are enjoying as much of the time as we can together as a family.”


How can you help the Hops family? Well, if you donate $3,500, we will shop for the family for you! If you’d like to do the shopping yourself, we will provide you with a wishlist for the family. 



The Avalos Family



Esmeralda was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year. She has 4 children that live at home with her and her husband, ages 21, 20, 18 and 15 years old. Esmeralda just finished her chemotherapy treatment and is on a pill form of chemo now. She is unable to work because of her health, but her husband works many hours in the field trying to provide for his family. This family would appreciate your help at Christmas this year.



Kathryn Craigen



Here’s a message from Kathryn:


“My cancer journey started with lymphoma that led to us finding stage 3b cancer in July of this year. I am now receiving chemotherapy & radiation. I have been raising two of my grandchildren for the past 14 years.  One grandchild is a senior this year and the other is off at college. On June 5th my partner/husband/papa, a disabled veteran with PTSD and a brain injury, completed suicide out of fear of life without me.”


If you’d like to help the Craigen family, donate $1,500 and we will do the shopping for you. If you’d like to shop yourself, we’ll provide you with a wishlist! 






Here’s a message from Julia:


“I am on my first stage of reconstruction. I was stage 1 grade 1 with 3 precancerous areas in the left breast. I chose a double mastectomy. If it wasn't for my mammogram and an amazing tech, I never would have found it. 13 cm in...the mass was 5mm.  Recovery is slow but steady but I am doing well. I have an amazing support system - and it starts with my family. I plan to be here for a very long time.”


Julia would love a rear flywheel elliptical machine so she can keep her body in shape while she is going through cancer treatment. The estimated cost for this is $700.


Get in contact with us now if you’d like to help any of these families, click here or visit their Instagram @_cancercant to learn more about Cancer Can’t!