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After-the-Aisle Refresh Service

We help you through your entire our bridal journey including after you walk down the aisle!

This is service is an absolute must to revamp that gorgeous dress back to it's original self after your wedding day. 

How it 

After-the-Aisle Refresh Service- We return your gown in a breathable, acid free box that can be opened again and again to continue the enjoyment for life!

For over 30 years Marcella has been redesigning heirloom wedding gowns and almost every one needs to be restored, as the "preservation" didn't keep the gown in a desirable condition. We have been working hard to develop a process that would leave gowns useable throughout the years AND eliminate the damage from plastic window boxes and harsh chemicals in cardboard. 

Our professional 5-step cleaning process: 

1. Assessment of the condition

2. Localized hand cleaning 

3. Full clean 

4. Hang dry 

5. Hand wrapping and boxing 

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